Jade Dragonfly Acupuncture, LLC

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What’s Available

The insertion of sterile surgical steel needles into the body to elicit a response in the bodies immune system, muscles, meridians (energy pathways that nourish the body and circulate qi, blood, nutrients throughout the whole body). Needle are inserted 1/8″-2″ into the tissue and retained for up to 45 minutes while the patient rests. To the disbelief of many, you become so relaxed with treatment that they doze off into “aculand” to rejuvinate.

Chinese Herbs
Chinese medicinals are used to supplement the bodies energy. Bark, roots, flowers, resins and bugs are some of the ingredients that you can find in formulas. Herbal formulas can be in pill form, granules, or raw/bulk and combined to work synergistically with the body. They can be taken for short or long term depending upon the treatment, but the idea is to get the body to balance, effectively and then to maintain that balance.

Fire cupping has been used as a traditional folk remedy for respiratory ailments, muscle aches and pains for generations around the world (Europe as well as the East). I use silicone cups that allow for flexible movement along the body, getting into facets and joint spaces and freeing up adhesions. There is occasional bruising that may last for a couple of days post treatment.

Gua Sha
Gua Sha is also a form of treatment that is used in many cultures throughout the world. Gentle scraping of the skin with a ceramic or bone spoon is done to increase circulation of blood and immune responses to muscles. Usually done on the back, but works as well for stubborn IT Band adhesions.

Acupressure, Massage, Bodywork
Shiatsu is what I use as a form of myofascial release of adhesions in the muscles. Stretches with pressure and traction increases joint space and fluidity of the body mechanics. Shiatsu uses the meridian pathways the same as Acupuncture, just no needles to contend with.

Initial Consultation: 1.5 – $95-180.oo

• Health History
• Physical evaluation/ assesment
• Tongue Evaluation / Pulse Diagnostics
• Acupuncture treatment
• Herbal Recommendations as appropriate
• Cupping or Gua Sha, Bodywork as needed
• Plan for course of treatment
• Educational materials

Follow-Up Consultations: 1 hour – $65-$130.oo

• Tongue Evaluation / Pulse Diagnostics
• Acupuncture Evaluation / treatment
• Herbal Recommendations as appropriate*
• Cupping or Gua Sha, Bodywork as needed

“Shalena is the best! I’ve been to other acupuncturists, massage, PT, and chiropractors and no one even comes close to what she does. She is thoughtful and thinks about clients between appointments to make sure that you are getting the best treatment. She combines needles, cupping, massage and Chinese medicine. If that’s not enough, her upbeat personalty is contagious and you leave feeling optimist about your health and the world.” – LISA

“I love Shalena Havens! She is very skilled and I have had great relief with my nerve pain from a back operation that I had a year ago. She is a wonderful listener. “ – MARIA